Patricio Martinez calls for unity with Maro

Chihuahua. For Patricio Martinez, the former governor of Chihuahua from 1998 to 2004, the authority must intervene in the various regions to impose order through public force.

“Police operations? They are not the solution. But there is a need for the intervention of the general force by setting order, because there is chaos, and order is a fundamental principle of all authorities, ”the former president declared.

He highlighted the division of powers, that is, municipal police should focus on prevention, state police in the common jurisdiction, and the federal example in the offenses that go along with it.

When asked who has stopped doing his job to reach the local, state and national emergency, he said it would be a daunting task to mention the neglect of the authorities, however, he called for the ranks to join forces with the Church, in the search for an agreement leading to a peaceful society.

He said that Chihuahua is not a country with the highest poverty rates, inequality, but also a demand for workers and a solid economy. The problem is not that people have no income, but the problem is the values ​​of a society that requires integration

Martínez García, who survived an attack on January 17, 2001 at the Government Palace, called for reunification with Governor Maro Campos, in the midst of the current crisis, pending the desired coordination between the two levels of government and society.

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