Outwit Other iOS Users Knowing these Hacks

Among all the major tech companies and firms globally, Apple is one of the few ones whose products are highly anticipated by fans all around the globe. Even though it has been more than 15 years since the first iPhone was officially introduced, the popularity of Apple’s smartphones has exponentially increased. According to an article on Gadgets Now, there is more than one reason that justifies why millions of people love using iPhones over Android smartphones. For starters, the safety and security features iPhones offer users are superior in all aspects compared to other smartphones. Besides this, another selling point of iPhones is their bloatware-free iOS operating system. As opposed to the majority of smartphones which feature built-in ads and pop-ups, iPhones offer users a completely ad-free experience.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, another primary reason why iPhones are loved by millions of users all around the globe is the exceptionally-optimized and feature-packed operating system that they run on, namely iOS. The visually appealing operating system offers tons of top-tier features and functionalities using which users can easily perform simple and complex tasks. iOS is fine-tuned for handling all sorts of tasks, such as running a graphic-intensive game or app, making calls, and taking top-tier photos. However, there are certain iOS tricks that most users do not know about. This article will list some of the most popular iOS hacks using which individuals can outwit other users and have a truly immersive iPhone-using experience. Let us dive right into it:

  • Make Text Replacements

Most iPhone users often spend their time typing repetitive messages like “I am coming home” or “I will be there.” However, there is an effective trick following which they can retype repetitive messages with a single tap and save time. To do so, all users need to do is open the Settings app on their iPhone, navigate to the General section, tap on the “Keyboard” option followed by the Text Replacement option, and click on the “+” icon to enter the repetitive phrase and a shortcut. The next time they wish to make the phrase pop up, all they require is typing the set shortcut, and the phrase or sentence will appear on the keyboard’s text preview option instantly. Besides using the hack to make frequent phrases appear, users can also opt to bring up emojis. It is a great trick using which iPhone users can save both time and effort.

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  • Change iPhone’s Screen Timeout

The default-set duration after which the screen of any iPad or iPhone turns off is 3- seconds of inactivity. Even though it is a great feature that facilitates users to save battery life and reduce their screen time, there are instances when users need to increase or decrease it as per their requirements. Thankfully, there are numerous easy-to-follow methods following which users can get the job done without hassle. If you use an iPhone and are wondering how  to make your screen stay on longer, all you need to do is navigate to your iPhone’s Settings app, tap on the Display & Brightness option, press the “Auto-Lock” option, and choose any value higher than the currently-set one. Besides this, you can also make your screen stay on for a shorter interval using the same method.

  • Add Signatures to Digital Documents

Even though most people prefer using scanners and printers for turning hard copies of documents into soft ones and vice versa or adding signatures, only some have access to the devices. Thankfully, Apple offers an easy way following which users can digitally sign any document they want. All they need to do is take a screenshot of the document, tap on the thumbnail, tap on the plus sign present on the lower right side, and use the Signature option to add the signature. Once the user has added their signature by signing on the screen, they need to tap on the “Done” button and drag it up to the desired location on the document’s screenshot. iOS also allows users to resize the signature or save it on their device to share with others. It is a great trick that significantly benefits users, especially those who manage many documents on their iPhones.

  • Silence Call Alerts from Unknown Numbers

Since most users do not prefer picking up calls from unknown numbers, iOS offers users the option to mute or silence calls from unknown numbers. All the user needs to do to enable the feature is navigate to the Settings app on their phone, scroll down to the “Phone” section and tap on it, and enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” option by toggling the switch. It is a great option for users to avoid distractions, especially during important meetings or gatherings.

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If you own an iPhone and wish to have a truly immersive experience, try following the effective tips mentioned above.

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