Orsingen-Nenzingen: Climate neutral management but how? Two employees are helping out in the Stockach area

Municipalities in the country are legally obligated to create a climate-neutral administration by 2040. But to do that, you need people. Because: One of the components is the introduction of the Municipal Energy Administration. This includes taking care of buildings to reduce energy consumption. Procurement, water supply, sewage disposal, vehicle fleet management, and street lighting should also be examined for their energy consumption.

The municipal council has now decided that the municipality of Orsingen-Nenzingen will contribute 15 percent to the costs of staff jobs established by the City of Stockach.

The position is funded by the federal government – but only for three years

As indicated in the meeting form, additional human resources must be allocated. The municipality of Orsingen-Nenzingen must create at least one part-time job for this purpose. The annual costs amounted to about 40 thousand euros. The federal government supports the creation of the position over a three-year period by 70 percent. In the “Climate Neutral Governance 2040” area, there is also funding potential limited to three years, here at 65 percent.

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Idea: Two employees for everyone

At the meeting, Treasurer Gabriel Zimmer reported that the management community of Stockach was thinking about a common concept. Two posts of staff should be created that should take over the corresponding tasks for small municipalities. Any employee costs not covered by the benefits — and after three years full employee costs — should be divided as a percentage according to the population. So Orsingen-Nenzingen’s share will reach 15%.

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The municipality will face annual costs of about 7,800 euros for three years and about 24,000 euros for the fourth year. Zimmer explained that by participating in the jobs that the City of Stockach will create, the community’s annual financial expenditures can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

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