Organizing Vacation in the US: How to Get an ESTA and Leave Without Worry

To cross the US border, it is necessary to have an ESTA or travel permit required for tourism, business or simple transit: everything you need to know.

Organize a tour in United States of America It is the dream of many, ready to explore a region full of charm and places worth visiting at least once in their life. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is for Business Or indulge in one vacationeven living in person sporting events Most importantly, you must necessarily arm yourself with it ESTA duty.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that landing in United State It is necessary to haveDigital Travel Permit Valid, mandatory for travelers of any age (including children and infants) who decide to cross national borders for business or tourism, but also simply for Crossing.

Sporting events not to be missed

Certainly one of the most popular sporting events in the United States is EnergyNow in its fifty-seventh edition. This is the championship final National Football League Scheduled for February 12, 2023, it is an annual event that is celebrated as a national holiday and is a show watched by millions of viewers. The 2022 edition, for example, saw the Los Angeles Rams’ victory over Cincinnati.

By focusing on New YorkFrom October to April, it is possible to enjoy the wonderful scenery NBA basketball matchesWatch live acrobatics at the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. Moreover, from baseball to ice hockey, there is no shortage of sporting events to attend for fans of many other types of sports.

How ESTA works for the USA

L ‘ESTA for the United Statesabbreviation for Electronic system for travel permitsIt is not a visa but a digital travel permit required for travel to the USA and created as part of the program Visa Waiver Programwhich also includes Italy and citizens with passports.

regarding Validity of USA ESTA , it covers up to two years from the moment the application is approved. However, during the two-year period, an unlimited number of trips to the United States are permitted, although any consecutive stay cannot exceed 90 days.

Furthermore, the Electronic System for US Travel Permits is digitally linked with an extension passport Its validity and expiry are also subject to the validity of the passport. Moreover, it is not granted if the trip to the United States is not only aimed at study but also to performwork activity or always ultimatebut also if you want to stay in the USA for more than 90 days.

How to apply for an ESTA online

An ESTA can be ordered online, by relying on a specialized agency, and simply providing an Internet connection to it Complete the request Special at any time of the day.

It is also possible Submit your ESTA application For many people at the same time, by paying €29.95 per person electronically by relying on a secure banking circuit.

Orders are processed around the clock, and in most cases, processing is completed within one day or rarely within 72 hours. It is also possible to provide one Urgent requestOn average, they are approved within an hour.

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