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Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW) celebrates the opening of the new hospital church. This “room of silence” should be open to all people, regardless of their sects. That is why the opening of the “Day of the Sick” is celebrated with an interfaith ceremony.

‘More than just medical care’

Rolf Zehnder, the hospital’s director, applauds the idea. It is “wonderful” that so many religious groups work together to nurture human salvation. Even if hospitals are primarily used for healing, there is a lot more going on at KSW than just medical care. He explains regarding the new building: 100,000 people will be born here, 50,000 will die here – and a million people will have to be hospitalized at some point.

He is therefore grateful that religious denominations have sent priests to the hospital.

“upward potential”

One such priest is Kurt Nordmann, the rabbi of the Jewish community in Winterthur. For him, Sick’s Day today is an important reminder that health cannot be taken for granted. “We should be grateful to those who work here. And not just clap once,” the rabbi said over and over again.

According to the religious leader, a quiet room is necessary because we need time, space, and opportunity to think about ourselves. You were not born human, you were born human. Being human is important. In the room of silence you can think about what you can do better. Because we all have the potential to improve.

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