Open Call for Recruitment for Colombian Nursing Assistants in the United States

file image. People line up in search of a job opportunity in Bogotá, Colombia, May 31, 2019. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

At the Seine Public Employment Agency, there are very interesting job offers both nationally and internationally. On this occasion, they have deployed a health entity in the United States that is looking for 10 Colombian citizens to work in Carrington, North Dakota, as nursing assistants.

The application deadline will be open until May 8, 2022 or until the number of candidates required by the company, who meet all requirements, are met.

“People interested in participating in this call must comply 100% with the profile presented in the SENA job mediation web application, with which they can register and/or update their resume in the system, indicating in the “Professional interests” field of work experience tab The profession you are interested in, in accordance with the request described below,” refers to Sena’s page.

They add, “Keep in mind that if it was included in the selection process, the place of business would be in Carrington, North Dakota, United States.”

Among the requirements that Sena makes about the offer on its website are:

1. Those wishing to participate in this call must comply 100% with the profile requested by the employer.

2. Candidates must register their CV in SENA Public Employment Agency web application And apply for a vacancy that interests you, as presented in this post.

3. Final selection of candidates can be done in person or virtually. Those interested must have a passport or start the process.

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4. An application for these vacancies will only be submitted through the SENA Public Employment Agency web application. Other applications through other recruitment portals, company page or company social networks will not be taken into account.

The conditions set by the agency for employment are:

Academic qualifications: technician or technician.

Experience: One (1) year.

Language: medium English.

Venue: Carrington, North Dakota, United States.

Incorporation: Once the communication, testing and selection process is completed, the corresponding migration procedures for the selected persons begin.

Shift work: 40 hours per week. Business hours vary to cover 24 hours. 6:00 am – 2:00 pm / 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm / 10:00 pm – 6:00 am.

SENA defines in its recruitment portal the benefits:

The concluded contract: 3 years, renewable.

Monthly stipend: $2,115,277 * 4 weeks, which equals about 8,461,107 COP per month.

-health insurance.

Retirement plan.

Likewise, Sina clarified that “the final selection process is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the employer and will take place once the profile verification, interview, and technical examination process has taken place.”

He added, “In case of selection, the employer will determine the daily conditions and requirements for travel to the country in which this vacancy will be implemented. The company will request the necessary immigration documents for incorporation from the persons you have specified.

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