ONE PIECE Another live-action star on Netflix has finished filming and says goodbye to the group

If you are interested in seeing how work progresses in a batch of files Live action in one piece Netflix, one of the stars of the show is reaching out to give us some suggestions about it, announcing that he has already completed his role for the season.

Members piece I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what a live-action adaptation of the manga will hold for us based on the incredible adventures born of Eiichiro Oda’s imagination, and there were plenty of those in Geeked Week hoping they could finally see the first trailer for the Netflix show.

However, this was not the case, even if there was no shortage of news and previews, and now the new information seems to indicate that Business is going wellAnd maybe we’ll see a real teaser soon.

Because it will be announced recently with the latest additions to the ONE PIECE team, but Translator Ziv Gamba Rosa Craig Verbras Looks like he’s already finished filming his scenes.

This was communicated by the actor himself through his social media accounts, where he posted a somewhat unmistakable welcome message:Many thanks to onepiecenetflix for taking care of me in Cape Town for the past few months. It was a really great professional and personal experience“.

In recent weeks, Shanks’ translator Peter Gadiot has also greeted the set, while the actor who loaned his face to Arlong, McKinley Belcher III, posted a behind-the-scenes photo with the director’s chair, proof that the Arlong Park scenes were indeed. In progress.

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We don’t know exactly in what order the scenes in the Eastern Sea Epic are shot; We’ve certainly only been aware of the fact that at least the first two episodes of ONE PIECE have already been completed for quite some time, and now it looks like the Baratie scenes are over as well.

Is filming nearing the end? Stay tuned with us to find out.

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