Once at Schalke and Hertha BSC – Bumjohan is concerned about the S04 in Australia

Alexander Bomjohan was once considered a huge talent at Schalke FC Knäbenschmeide. Today, the 35-year-old lives in Australia. There he also has a fever with the royal blues.

Alexandre Bomjohan He is now 35 years old. The midfielder, who was born in Datteln and raised in Waltrop, now lives in Australia. There he prepares for his career as a football official. He finished his career as a “99 percent” player.

Since 2017 Hertha Berlin He left, he lives abroad. He played first in Brazil, then in Australia. Recently, his contract was with Sydney FC It is not extended. Once again the knee played a role. This made the talented technician who in his youth was already considered one of the greatest talents in Germany Schalke 04 And also in his later stations a large wrench is in the works. His physical make-up and tendency to phlegm may have prevented him from getting a bigger job. However, that was enough for the 29 matches of the Bundesliga S0432 for Borussia Monchengladbachthree to Bayern Munich and 33 for Hertha BSC Berlin.

Schalke is the club of my heart. The second descent in three years will be bitter. There may still be a few teams that Schalke can rival in the league if the performance is right. But not much.

Alexandre Bomjohan

Bomjohan, who wants to return to Germany in the medium and long term, is still linked to football in the Bundesliga. Especially the royal blue. When the miners are playing, he sometimes gets up early to watch a match. And also 1:5 at TSG Hoffenheim in the DFB Cup, which assigned former coach Frank Kramer the task.

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“The performance in 1:5 at Hoffenheim in the Cup was disastrous, something had to happen after that. I still feel sorry for Frank Kramer. I don’t think he really has a real chance given the doubts he had from day one,” Bomjohan told Kicker. “Schalke is still one of the clubs where the gap between expectations and reality is widening the most. If I’m honest: with this group and finances, there is not enough for more. Even Guardiola will not be a savior for Schalke.”

Before the duel between his former clubs FC Schalke 04 and Hertha BSC, it was clear that he had positioned himself. He keeps his fingers crossed for S04 from far away Australia and wishes the club to remain in the league. “Schalke is my heart club. The second coming down in three years will be bitter. There are probably still a few teams that Schalke can rival in the league if the performance is right. But there are not many,” says Baume.

In the meantime, he himself has completed an international sport management course at UEFA and earned his degree in football management three weeks ago. He is now exploring the possibilities of entering the management sector. He advises his former club from afar: “Schalke – and by that I mean the environment in particular – need more realism and a sense of reality. It will take longer before the club can play in number one places in the table again. For now, it’s all over the place. It’s about staying in the league, that’s going to be tough enough.”

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