On the cast of the Netflix series, is the son (recommended?) of a famous Hollywood couple

I never had 3 It just debuted on Netflix after a long wait from the huge number of fans of this teen drama. But, among the many novelties of this third season of the series, there is also one, related to the actors, that makes everyone talk. Among the new entries for I never had 3In fact, there is an actor who is the son of a famous Hollywood couple. This is eighteen-year-old Deacon Philippe who made his debut in this Netflix series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher where he plays Parker, a party boy who goes to a private school and is part of a debate group. This boy, in fact, is the son of art, but let’s find out who.

I Didn’t EVER Get 3: Who’s Deacon Phillip’s Son and Was He Really Recommended?

Deacon Phillippe is the son of actresses Reese Witherspoon and actor Ryan Phillippe. But if there are many children of Hollywood stars who have chosen to do the same job as their parents, this time someone is talking about the recommendation. Rumor has it, in fact, that Reese’s mother apparently wanted to put a kind word on her son with co-creator of the series, Mindy Kaling, and it was the latter who revealed during an interview with Entertainmente Tonight, that Reese had told her that her son was interested in acting and that she was offered the role that It was the only one that wasn’t set and seemed good to him. Keeling added, “He is a handsome boy who is also very talented, brought up by two successful actors and has a great desire to learn. He is a great boy and he has brought a lot of energy to the site.”

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Even Deacon’s father, Ryan Phillippe, has always revealed to ET that he is proud of his son: “His passion is music, he’ll study it in college, that’s his main goal, and then there’s also acting he loves. He’ll choose according to what he wants most.”

And who knows if we will continue to hear about this young actor.

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