On Netflix, there’s an Italian psychological thriller to watch tonight with Toni Servillo and Dustin Hoffman.

Do you like psychological thrillers? So tonight you have to watch this action packed, action packed Netflix movie starring Tony Servillo and Dustin Hoffman.

do you like it psychological arousal? Then you should never miss this Movie on me NetflixMade in Italy, with Italian actors and an Italian director and screenwriter and as a special guest one of America’s most beloved actors.

A nice surprise proposed by the Netflix streaming platform, for more than two hours of movies that will keep you glued to the screen, because the plot and epilogue remain uncertain until the end and even when the mystery is revealed, you will have to focus on recovering crucial scenes and rebuilding history.

This is all thanks to the skilful use of “parallel editing” which alternates between two stories that occur at the same time and appear to be connected but are in fact two different realities.

a Italian psychological thriller Which has nothing to envy the most famous films of this genre. Probably the best thriller of the last ten years.

Donato Carisi He is a director, screenwriter and producer maze manan adaptation of his novel of the same name.

From the first scenes, you will be amazed by the cast and cast and by the unusual but well-matched pairing of two of the film’s protagonists: Tony Servillo And the Dustin HoffmanA strange couple, one would almost say, well accompanied on the set Valentina Pelean emerging Italian actress, e Vinicio Marchionneappreciated in criminal novel Series – As the head of Banda della Magliana.

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To make The Man of the Labyrinth more interesting, the fact that it is the third work out of the four that it comprises Mila Vazquez cycle, which Carisi launched with four works written in just under a decade. The other three chapters of the course are Prompt, evil hypothesis And the Prompter game that closes the session. it is exactly Mila Vasquezat the end of the movie, he will reincarnate, and manage to escape from his jailer.

maze man

Watch the trailer and read the story

A teenage girl is kidnapped on her way to school. Traces are lost, until a police inspector, Simone Perish (Venice Marchionne) tasked with following up on cases of missing persons, is urged on his search by Bruno Ginco (Tony Cervello), a unique “credit hunter” who, thanks to his experience as a hound, has refined investigative techniques to limitation of legitimacy.

Ginko has a future marked by a serious illness and decides to spend his last days searching for the perpetrator of the kidnapping.

While the police are committed to solving the missing girl’s case, analyst Dr. Green (Dustin Hoffman) gets busy with Samantha Andretti (Valentina Pele), a kidnapping victim of more than 15 years, to learn her details. Imprisonment to return to the director.

As Genko sets out to track down the kidnapper, describing him as a man who was in turn a victim of abuse and bullying as a teenager, it also appears that analyst Greene was at the helm of Samantha’s prison, but the two seemingly overlapping stories are actually parallel narratives.

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Unfortunately, the Ginko investigation will also have fatal side effects.

But who really kidnapped Samantha Andretti? Who are the real victims and executioners? And how will Mila Vazquez be able to return to work?

Until the end, when the case seems to be resolved, the viewer will not be able to cope with the narrative plot, built with maximum tension and adrenaline.

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