On Netflix, there is a mini-series with a very interesting psychological background due to the immoral relationship between the two protagonists.

On Netflix, a miniseries about the story of a psychotherapist who begins to develop intimate and dangerous relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.

The first season of this original series Netflix It left a bad taste in the mouths of millions of spectators who over the past four years have been conjuring the production for a well-deserved second season.

The reason for such a sporadic prediction, which is likely to remain so, is soon explained: psychological thriller conspiracy Very interesting for the small moral relationship between the two heroes, beautiful actresses Naomi Watts (in the Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist Series) E Sophie Cookson (Girlfriend of one of his patients).

In short, after the end of the first season, it was interesting to follow the “immoral” life of this psychotherapist for a few more seasons.

gypsy It is the title of the Netflix TV series created by Lisa Robin Where the first two loops determine the direction of Sam TaylorJohnsonboss 50 Shades of Gray.

In the actors, in addition to the two actresses we also find Billy CrudupAnd the Karl GlusmanAnd the Purna JaganathanAnd the Brenda Vaccaro Which, although she played a more secluded role, is one of the most famous performers, having also acted in important films such as love has two faces From Barbara StreisandAnd the Sony From Nicolas Cage And after he explained Shirley in man from sidewalk.

Criticism was not unified in opinions about this series, which lasted for ten hours, divided into 10 episodes.

The least satisfactory opinions were related to the fact that the plot of the psychological thriller left too much room for inciting the relationships between the heroines. For the same reason, some critics gave a positive assessment of the Roma.

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All that remains is to see this TV series psychic warrior It’s on Netflix, therefore, to determine which side your judgment takes.


Read the story and watch the trailer

Jane Holloway (Naomi Watts) is a psychologist who calls herself Diane to remain anonymous with her patients.

Choosing not to reveal her real name is a ploy of the therapist to carry out her plan to develop intimate and dangerous relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.

during his sessions thanks to his style”very and it seemsA professional, Jane meticulously explores the fears and relationships of those who turn to her because of their existential problems.

Only from the analysis of one of his patients, the doctor is “intrigued” by his girlfriend’s stories, Sydney (Sophie Cookson)With whom he begins an intimate and satisfying relationship.

She’s not the only victim who falls into the manipulative psychological web that Jane wisely weaves over her patients, until the doctor’s secret identity becomes extremely difficult.

The psychotherapist’s involvement with patients has now crossed all limits, leading her to enter patients’ lives very directly.

Thus the parallel worlds and lives of the psychotherapist end up confusing each other, resulting in a dramatic escalation.

Series gypsyIt consisted of 10 episodes, making way for a second season, however, 5 years after the distribution of the first episode, its announcement was delayed.

Perhaps there was not yet a willingness on the part of the heroes of the first season to continue the exciting and interesting plot.

original trailer

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