On Netflix, there are a billion dollars worth of exciting series to watch tonight.

Love Judicial thrillers sexy and suspenseful? Are you passionate about the internet and technology? So You must watch this Netflix mini-series Which tells the story of two sons, pioneers of computer science and the legal upheavals of Google Earth.

This short series is particularly beautiful not only because it will tell us the history of computer science at the dawn and the early years of the Internet but also the story of a friendship that grows and develops around an idea that will become the algorithm of a program that will take us nearly around the world.

Real friendships and betrayal friendships are the basis of the many success stories behind the many digital giants who were born, at times, in the garages of classic Silicon Valley thanks to the ideas of student entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that revolves around Stanford University.

But here the story was born in Germany. At the center of the story, which will become a real court case, are two young programmers who came up with an idea for the correct algorithm for a virtual reality program, called “Terravision”, which will allow people to visit the world through virtual maps.

The Billion dollar code

Read the story and watch the original Netflix trailer.

The Billion dollar code (billion dollar symbol) who – which We recommend watching this evening on Netflix it’s a German judicial television series With Bjorn Freiberg, Seumas F Sargent and Leonard Scheicher.

Datewhich – which It starts in Berlin after its reunification in the 1990s and reaches today through Silicon ValleyAnd the It tells the amazing legal story of the creators of Terra Vision and their battle for patent infringement against Google To obtain recognition of the paternity of his patent in a billion-dollar lawsuit.

Inspired by real eventsserial, sexy and excitingWe’ll talk about the classic court trial.”David vs. Goliath“A small company (Art + Com) will sue a multinational (Google) for patent infringement for taking over the idea and making billions of dollars out of it.

However, the boys’ enthusiasm will lead them to make a fatal mistake when, invited to California, they reveal to a Silicon Valley businessman the idea that revolves around their source code, which, years later, will lead to the birth of the sister project. Google Earth.

Twenty years later, it ended up in court over the millionaire Art+Com lawsuit against Google, accused of obtaining a signal from TerraVision and earning millions of dollars on an idea developed by others.

The Netflix mini-series contains a half-hour special and a series of interviews with the real characters in the story.

How will it end in court? You can find out by watching 4 episodes of Billion dollar code Which lasts about one hour each.

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