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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 19 – ‘Sorpasso’ 3.0 is tainted with genres and very dark, but also a fun and beautiful movie, this first work by Riccardo Antonaroli titled LA SVOLTA, has already been out of competition at the Turin Film Festival and from tomorrow it is visible on Netflix. And if the 1962 quotation from Dino Risi’s work was announced—the protagonist’s house has a movie poster—in L.A. SVOLTA we encounter a “Road of Still Movie” (the very happy quote stolen from production notes, Ed) filled with twists and turns.

Meanwhile, the Trintignant on duty is Ludovico (Brando Pacitto), a nerdy, shy and extremely talented (but doesn’t know) cartoonist who always lives in the house of Garbatella (another hero of this movie).

On the other hand, there is not the usual Jasman, the eternal young bull who corrupts the female, but Jack (Andrea Lattanzi) of the same age as Ludovico, raised in the street, a tough guy, a petty criminal even if he has a good heart.

After Jack gets out of a robbery that ended poorly, he sets off with a suitcase full of money to Ludovico’s clumsy house and stays there for a few days, once he discovers that there are some ugly thugs in the service of the robbed criminal, a real criminal (played by art brother Tulio Sorrentino) .

Now between the two boys it’s not that it starts off right away, but the huge difference between them in the end creates the miracle, Jack finally finds a friend and above all someone who guides, helps and grows. And this is also thanks to a girl, who was the roommate of the building, whom Ludovico loved among thousands of shy people.

But Jack has a lot of money in his bag and he stole it from the wrong person and on his way there is also the unprecedented Marcello Fonte as a cold and ruthless killer.

It also stars Ludovica Martino, Max Malatesta, Chapelle Sastre, Gonzalez Federici Tucci, Christian DeSanti and Agnello Arena, with Grazia Schiavo and Claudio Begalli starring. (handle).

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