On Netflix, a record-breaking fantasy horror series is dividing viewers but has now become a true cult.

Still haven’t seen the new Netflix TV series everyone’s talking about? You should definitely fix it and watch Wednesday!

he is cheerfulAnd the imagination And with some hints horror. But on the other hand, looking at the protagonist, one cannot expect anything different. The series was among the most anticipated series, especially since news leaked that there was one of the executive producers Tim Burton.

Wednesday It’s the new series Netflix who has already become religious sect, and obviously based on the very popular character of the eldest daughter of the Addams family. And the fans kept their promise: Wed is now The most watched TV series in English on me Netflix during the first week of broadcasting.

With 341 million hours watched, it beat out the fourth season of Weird things Which, even today, seemed unbeatable with 335 million.

Undoubtedly, merit goes to the expectations Burton creates every time he “touches” a production, but also to an exceptional cast, known over the months and held in high esteem.

Let’s start first with the hero.

In the guise of a serious little girl with black braids, we find the young woman Jenna Ortegaalready known for playing a prominent role in the series Netflix You are And to actually star in the Disney series Harley in the middle.

with Wednesday She has achieved truly boundless popularity, which will undoubtedly bring luck to her future appearances.

His mother, Morticia, has the face of Hollywood’s most beloved actress.

on awesome Catherine Zeta-Jones He really needs no introduction, as he ranges in his skill and talent from film to television, from the more traditional theater to musicals.

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Throughout her career, she has won a Tony Award, a BAFTA Award, and for her portrayal of Filma Kelly in The Movies ChicagoL’Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

The role of her faithful husband in The Addams Family, Passionate Gomez, is assigned to her Luis Guzmana popular character actor with a long career in film and television.

He starred in titles like The Bone Collector, Shock Therapy, Fast Food Nation and Dreamerand sequential like Walker Texas Ranger, NYPD Blue, Fraser And the ounce.

They complete the “family” team. Fred Armisen Like Uncle Fester Isaac Ordonez Like Pugsley, but other stars have very important roles that include non-Addams cast members.

For example, we find Ricki LindhomeParticipate in the series another period, And the Gwendolyn ChristieFor everyone Brienne of Tarth of worldwide success Game of thrones.

But the important thing is to go back to Adams’ world Christina Ricci In a role…. Everything to discover.

It’s impossible to forget her as Wednesday in the movie Addams family And its sequel, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, a true cult hit of the ’90s.

How will these new images created by Netflix be different?

Let’s find out together.


Watch the trailer and read the story

Wednesday Adams is a high school student with a special personality.

To defend his brother, Pugsley adopts extreme solutions, which prove dangerous for the other students at the school.

Because of this, her parents, Morticia and Gomez, decided to enroll her in Nevermore Academy, a private school where they taught themselves during adolescence.

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Wednesday initially proves hostile to this change, but soon finds himself comforted.

Learn Mastering his psychic powersAnd he will understand the events that afflicted his family a quarter of a century ago, to become what everyone knows today.

Not only. someone in the city where the school is located, He plans murdersAnd it is up to her to thwart them…

Curious to know how it will end?

a look Wednesdaythe new Netflix series.

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