On Camera – Rapper outdoing other rappers on the podcast


In recent years, and especially since the pandemic began, the demand for podcasts has increased exponentially. Whether it’s dating advice, fitness, science, or even rap – there’s a podcast on every topic on Spotify or YouTube.

There are also some podcasts in our country, including some German rap. Even the hosts Animus Podcast since July 25th of this year and has published over 35 short episodes on a variety of topics in the past 5 months.

United State

But nowhere is podcasting more popular than in the United States. Popular podcasts include The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, and The Ben Shapiro Show. While some podcasts don’t focus on the rap genre, there are episodes that talk to or about rappers.

Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast is one of the podcasts in which the rapper is invited. In the last episode, there were two lesser known rappers who got into an argument during the discussion.

But this argument didn’t stop at the verbal argument, because just a few minutes into their discussion, fists were already flying. After discussing that one of them didn’t have “whores,” the suspected rapper asked his nemesis Lil’ Kilbey who he was.

However, when Kelpy called the other rapper “b*tch,” the suspect lost patience. “Who do you contact with the property? “asks Kilby. The white rapper called him a “shithole” again and the suspect spat on him. And as if that weren’t enough, the suspect stands up and approaches his opponent, Lil’ Kilby.

Before anyone can react, the suspect throws himself at his opponent and punches him in the face several times. At the end of a Twitter clip, Kelpy can be seen sitting on a couch with multiple cuts to his face. The clip went viral overnight and spawned a number of memes, including comparing the defeated rapper to the avatar “Zuko” because they both have red bruises in the same place.

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Here is an excerpt from the (explicit) podcat:

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