Olympia 2021: “Crazies!” Donald Trump attacks Megan Rapinoe

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to: Daniel Dillman

The USA women’s soccer team wins the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. This is a disgrace to Donald Trump.

Japan / USA – If you get a medal in the Olympics, you can consider yourself really lucky. Whether it’s gold, silver or bronze, color doesn’t play a role anymore. Of course, this also applies to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. But this does not seem to apply to Donald Trump, the former president of the United States.

No sooner had Team USA players won the third-place game in Tokyo and thus won a bronze medal for the United States than Donald Trump spoke. Probably no one who expects congratulations will know the heroes of Team USA, nor Donald Trump. The team was “run by an extreme group of left-wing lunatics” and if not, the women’s soccer player would have “won the gold instead of the bronze”.

Megan Rapinoe before the USA-Australia match at the Tokyo Olympics. © Masatoshi Okauchi / Shutterstock via www.imago-images.de

Donald Trump rebukes Megan Rapinoe after the 2021 Olympics

One player in particular has angered Donald Trump: Megan Rapinoe. “The purple-haired woman,” the former captain of Team USA called, and Trump have had a more than fractious relationship since taking office in the United States. At the 2019 World Cup, Rapinoe said she would not visit the “dreaded White House” as long as Donald Trump was staying there. Rapinoe and her team won the title, and Trump congratulated him on Twitter, but he never visited Washington, D.C.

So Donald Trump responded and proved his footballing experience first-hand. Rapinoe “played very poorly”. In fact, the 36-year-old scored twice in the 4-3 win over Australia. But according to Trump, “she obviously spends a lot more time thinking about her radical left political goals than doing her job!”

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Olympia 2021: Donald Trump attacks female athletes for their political stances

In general, it is clear that those who promote leftist ideas no longer have a chance in sports. The statement read: “He who wakes up loses.” Especially in the USA, waking up is a combative term that originally arose from the civil rights movement and “on political science” can be translated as “political over-correction”.

At least he had a soccer ball in his hand: Donald Trump.  (archive photo)
At least he had a soccer ball in his hand: Donald Trump. (File photo) © DAVID SILPA

Donald Trump’s statement came just days after a number of his supporters threw malice at the US women’s Olympic team. For example, the right-wing news portal Daily Wire wrote that this was the first medal to be won since 2012. The United States was not reported to have won the title with Rapinoe in 2012, and as it is known, there was only one Olympics between them. “The US lost the semi-finals to Sweden,” Trump fans in Rio wrote, even though it was the quarter-finals in which the US was eliminated at the time.

Olympia 2021: Megan Rapinoe at the end of a very successful career

Rapinoe herself was also very disappointed after the bronze medal at the 2021 Olympics: “It’s obviously not the medal color we really wanted.” Nevertheless, she is happy to win another precious metal at the Olympic Games.

for someone
family name Megan Rapinoe
age 36 years old (born 07/05/1985 in Redding, California)
size 1.68 meters
partner Sue Bird (since 2017)

So while Donald Trump after the Olympics calls out the radical left athletes who, in his opinion, are unsuccessful in removing them, a very successful career is coming to an end for Megan Rapinoe: Olympic champion 2012, world champion 2015 and 2019, FIFA world footballer 2019 (Daniel Dillman)

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