Oil, more than 3,600 tons produced in Sardinia in 2021

Sardinia has about 34,000 olive plantations. there Surface Almost planted 39 thousand hectares, more than 3% of the Italian area, has more than 6 million plants Which represents approximately 2.8% of the national heritage. The island produces 1.5% of Italy’s extra virgin olive oil (it ranks ninth, Apulia ranks first with over 50%). Sardinia is among the first regions in the region’s sales to bear the DOP sign. Outperforming the cultivated varieties, it includes 28.

The main varieties are Busana and Sevigliana In Sassarese and Nora, in Nouris and in Oglistra La Nera di Oliena and Ogliastrina, Semidana In the Oristano region Round (or black) by Villacidro In Linas, and T.Wave Cagliari and Nera by Gonos In Campidano Cagliari and Bartiola.

In Sardinia in the 2021/22 season, regional production is divided, according to Ismea data, as follows: The four mills in the capital region Cagliari produced 104 tons of oil With 723 quintals of olive oil. to me Nowru Production of 21 mills operating in the governorate 448 tons of oil Work 3,265 tons of fruit. in province Oristano 21 mills grind 3895 tons of fruit with a production 578 thousand kilos of oil. to me sassari 30 processing plants for it Produced 1721 quintals of oil The work of 11 million and 291 thousand kilos of olives. Finally, 34 mills were produced in the province of Southern Sardinia 762 thousand kilograms of oil, with a total of 5 million and 37 thousand kilograms. The total population of the island was 3613 tons of oil produced from 24,211 tons of processed olives.

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Italy is among the three largest consumers of extra virgin olive oil in the world with about 480 million kilograms, right behind Spain and ahead of the United States and accounts for 15% of global consumption according to Coldiretti and Onabrol clarifications on the latest IOC data. International Petroleum Council (Fonte Coldiretti Sardinia).

Italians use an average of 8 kilograms per capita of extra virgin olive oil and each family spends an average of 117 euros annually to buy olive oil and it is also the most popular food on national tables, even more than bread and pasta. 97% of Italians last year, according to an analysis by Coldiretti of Istat data on eating habits with a growing interest in high-quality products.

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