Offer $2 million to work with penguins in Antarctica

The job offer of the British organization is for a period of four months, which lasts the “summer” season in the region.

The British NGO, Antarctic Heritage Trust, is looking for people to do work at a facility located in Antarctica. Among other functions, Penguins should be counted in the sector.

Personnel in this field must serve the tourists who visit the place annually, in addition to being responsible for the management of a A Small Museum on site.

The pay for this work is Between 1.3 and 1.9 million dollars in Chilean pesosThat is, those selected can win more than two thousand euros.

While the salary is tempting, former job officials warn about it The conditions are not quite comfortable.

“There were no toilets And we had to dig our way (through the snow) the first time when we got there,” Vicki Inglis said. CBC.

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How to apply and what is the time period?

People who want to apply for this particular job They have to register Leave the required information on the website UKAHT (UK Antarctic Heritage Trust).

Meanwhile, registration background can be submitted Until next Monday, April 25th. It should be borne in mind that runners must have their right and permission to work in the UK.

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