ÖFB Women’s World Cup dream dreamed

The Austrian women’s soccer team will miss the World Cup qualifiers for the final tournament in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. After 90 minutes without a goal, the ÖFB women have to concede defeat to the Scottish Women 0-1 after extra time.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand without the participation of Austria. The ÖFB Selection lost 1-0 to Scotland after extra time in the opening round of European qualifying at Hampden Park in Glasgow on Thursday. This means that ÖFB’s dream of participating in the world championships for the first time has taken off early. On the other hand, the Scots will meet Ireland again in the second round in front of their home fans on Tuesday.

Rain fight in Hampden Park

Abigail Harrison (92), a substitute who works for Bristol City in the English second tier, made the decision in front of a new Scotland women’s record crowd of 10,182 at the Scottish National Stadium. The Austrians never came close to the level of performance they showed at the European Championships in England en route to the quarter-finals. Thus, the fourth duel with the Scots also ended in defeat. This is after a match with few chances for both sides.

Heavy rain and sometimes strong winds, the weather in Glasgow was about the same on match day as it has been since the ÖFB Kickers arrived in Scotland on Monday. The hosts felt more comfortable, went through the match before the break and were convinced of a very safe ball performance. The only drawback was that they did not attempt to finish in the critical area. As a result, the save of Austrian goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger in a duel with striker Martha Thomas (14) was the only one at the moment.

The ÖFB team, which started with a 4-1-4 formation, tried above all not to concede and was very safe defensively. There was little progress, only twice when there was a bullet there was something in the air at least. Nicole Bella hit her left net (24), and Julia Hecksberger-Fuller’s ball hit the crossbar after a preliminary action for Zadrazil (43).

eye level game

After the start of the second half, conditions were better without rain, and the Fuhrmann-Elf team acted more courageously and thus had more involvement in the game. Hansho’s long-range shot went far (68′). However, the longer the game goes, the more balanced things become. Both teams were searching for a resolution. On the Austrian side, Katja Wenreuther’s shot, who just came on as a substitute, was very weak (85), and she fired another shot from outside the penalty area directly (87). It should pay off.

In the end, the Scots came closer to scoring the winning goal, and for the first time the crowd was really a factor, causing quite a stir. That didn’t change in overtime either, as it started as the fans wanted. Harrison sent a corner kick from Cuthbert into the net. The attacking player almost hit a double kick, but ÖFB captain Carina Wenninger managed to header into the corner (99).

The equalizer was only in the air, and a mist shot did not find its way into the goal (101). With that, the Austrians left the field before the eyes of the leadership of the Austrian Football Association around President Gerhard Milic with hanging heads, having celebrated the previous evening with their team president Irene Furman in the team halls in Glasgow on the occasion of the election. Personal trainer.

The hoped-for “really cool showdown” with Ireland on Tuesday at the NV Arena in St. Pölten on anything. Scotland, ranked 23 in the world and ranked slightly worse than Austria (20), can continue to dream of participating in the World Cup for the second time after 2019.

Game sounds:

Erin Fuhrmann (ÖFB captain): “The disappointment is big, but in the end we can’t blame the players. We made a bad start in the first half and then got the necessary bite in the second. We couldn’t concede a goal like that. Up front we were very harmless. Everyone tried what It was possible, but that was all we could do. We missed a huge opportunity to go to the World Cup for the first time. It was the opportunity. Now it’s about doing it ASAP to tackle.”

Laura Fersinger (ÖFB player): “It’s very bitter. It was a very close match, disgusting, with a lot of interference and few chances. It was clear that the team that scored the first goal would win. We didn’t quite reach our level today and we have a lot of easy mistakes that were made. A goal like that happens, but it’s very annoying.”

Women’s World Cup 2023 playoff match in Australia and New Zealand – first round:

Scotland 1-0 Austria (0-0)

Glasgow, Hampden Park, 10182 spectators, SR Jana Adamkova / CZ

Goal: Harrison (92)

Scotland: Alexander – Evans, Howard, Corsi, Docherty – Cuthbert, Ware, Kerr (64 Graham) – Cleland (46 Brown), Thomas (75 Harrison), Emsley

Austria: Zinsberger – Wienroither (111th Dunst), Wenninger, Georgieva, Hanshaw – Puntigam – Hickelsberger-Füller (64th Naschenweng), Zadrazil, Feiersinger (100th Plattner), Dunst – Billa (82 Wienerroither)

Tuesday’s winner of the second and final European round against Ireland (the return leg/Austria will be played at 7pm at the NV Arena in St. Polten)

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