Not to be missed, Netflix’s superhero Norse sci-fi horror

In Hesdalen, Norway, there were some sightings of aliens, a sign of psychopaths Blast – Two vs AliensExclusive movie on Netflix It is part of the perfect summer ukulele pastime In sci-fi horror sauce. The plot follows the adventures of poor Sebastian (Axel Boyum), a young man who has been offended by everyone at his agency who has waited in vain for a promotion for half a decade. The big break comes with a bachelor party celebrated in the remote northern woods that could revive his career. Nothing can go wrong with reuniting friends who have a good time Play paintballif not aInvasion of extraterrestrial minds Who seizes the corpses of the wretched from the neighboring village. In fact, a small horde of men whose wills are monitored by aliens turns into ferocious (alive) zombies. Not all of them, some of them look completely normal and the only way to understand that is to shoot them.


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The meek, slightly enthusiastic Sebastian and chilled Mikkel will escape the first attacks only to take refuge in the local police office who will not believe a word about another. A strange view of the area. Until they all have to change their minds. In the village mentioned at the beginning, there is also a shop for UFO obsessed like those inhabiting American Albuquerque, only that instead of the barren desert of New Mexico, lush Norwegian trees grow. A pair of friends are destined to become partners in the fight against a group of zombie-financed Norwegians who, with the help of a mayor who is at least fifteen months pregnant, annihilate the green alien minds that lurk in their human hosts in a riot of disgusting explosions. Phosphorous slime And a lot of friendship.

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