North Korea, for the first time as a female diplomat

North Korean diplomat Choi Son Hui is the first woman to be called to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pyongyang. The announcement was made by the official North Korean news agency KCNA. Choe, a former deputy foreign minister, was promoted to the position of minister in the framework of a plenary session of the North Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee chaired by the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

He succeeds diplomat Ri Son Gwon, a hard-line advocate who has chaired the talks with South Korea. Among the most important positions that Choe held was that of the North Korean leader’s assistant during talks with the then President of the United States. States Donald Trump in 2019. Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon is assigned to lead the party’s United Front Department tasked with handling inter-Korean relations.

The plenum saw North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stress the need for stronger “self-defense” measures to address “extremely serious” security challenges. However, no indications emerged during the three-day session that ended on Friday with information from South Korea about a possible new nuclear test for the regime.

During the party session, Kim also referred to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, explaining that the efforts had “entered a new phase,” based on the lockdown and efforts to eradicate the virus.

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