No end in sight for S-Bahn failures in the Dresden region

Passengers on the S-Bahn in the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO) must continue to prepare for failure indefinitely. Notices at S-Bahn stations are tentatively dated December 10. A spokeswoman for the railways told MDR SACHSEN On Demand that this was due to the schedule change. This is December 11th. But even then, not all S-Bahn trains will operate according to Transit Federation orders.

Many S1 speakers keep failing

appreciable fall Most booster rounds on line S1 between Meissen and Berna. These typically condense cycle time to about 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon through early evening for commuter and school traffic – albeit with significant gaps for the foreseeable future. On weekends, S2 only runs to the airport every hour, half as often as VVO requests. The RB33 trains to Königsbrück will continue to be replaced by buses between Ottendorf-Okrilla Süd and Königsbrück. In order to provide more passenger space, at least between Dresden-Neustadt and Berna, all S2 trains must run with three cars. However, at least on Tuesday, the train was only traveling with two cars, which VVO now wants to check.

“The restrictions will continue until further notice,” a rail spokeswoman explains. “Only when the personnel situation stabilizes can we gradually expand the offer again,” she said. You want to make a reliable offer again and they will inform you in due time. In plain language: Deutsche does not know when it will be able to provide the required services again.

The Transport Association insists on a fixed schedule – to be weakened if necessary

The Transportation Association recently pulled the emergency brake due to the ongoing failures and urged Deutsche Bahn to scale back the supply. Too many passengers have complained about the ever-changing train cancellations. VVO is currently not on good terms with Deutsche Bahn. A spokesperson said that what DB AG provided over the summer was unacceptable and in no way fulfilled contractual obligations. With the supply now poor, passengers should be offered a stable and planable schedule. One cannot fathom that such a large transport group suffers from such a massive shortage of personnel.

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Once again more connections in the diesel network

on me Diesel lines from Dresden to Cummins, Heidenau-Altenburg and Berna-Spenitz It appears that there are now more employees again. All trains go there according to the schedule. A railway spokeswoman emphasized that the availability of train drivers had nothing to do with the series of vehicles used. Class 642 railcars, called Desiros, run on the diesel network. S-Bahn trains are towed by former Reichsbahn 143 class locomotives or new 146 class locomotives. Occasionally, the S-Bahn’s Talent electric multi unit gets lost when normal locomotives are not ready for use.

A request from the MDR to the German Locomotive Drivers’ Association a few weeks ago regarding the massive staff shortage remained unanswered.

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