Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Organization of American States publicly denounces Ortega’s government before he leaves office

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to explain,

Arturo Macfields has been the Nicaraguan Ambassador to the Organization of American States since October 2021.

Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, Arturo Macfields, left his post on Wednesday after denouncing his country’s government, headed by Daniel Ortega, as a “dictatorship”.

In a statement, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that “Mr. Arturo Macfields does not represent usfor which there is no valid statement for you.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the new representative of Nicaragua before the Organization of American States is the ambassador Frances Campbell Hooker.

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken posted on his Twitter account that Macfields had resigned from the Organization of American States, and congratulated him for his bravery.give a voice To the millions of Nicaraguans who are waiting for a return to democracy.

Macfields, who was appointed by Ortega as the representative of the Central American country before the organization in October 2021, criticized his government in a virtual meeting of the permanent council.

Condemning my own dictatorship is not easy, but continuing to remain silent and defend the indefensible is impossible.“, He said.

“People inside government and people outside government are tired. Tired of dictatorship and its actionsHe added that there will be more and more people saying “enough is enough”.

After learning about McFields message, The Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that it does not recognize him as its ambassador.

The memo reads “He does not represent us, and there is no valid statement for him,” which ensures that the country’s ambassador to the OAS is “duly accredited” Francisco Campbell Hooker, Nicaragua’s current ambassador to the United States.

Opposition leaders imprisoned

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to explain,

Ortega remained in power in Nicaragua for 15 years.

Ortega began his fourth consecutive term in Nicaragua in January – fifth in total – after elections that were questioned by the majority of the international community ahead of the elections. prisonOpposition leaders.

He was first elected president in 1984, lost power in the 1990 elections and was elected again in 2007. Since then he has remained the head of state of Nicaragua.

After the last elections held in 2021 and rejected by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States for not having “democratic legitimacy”, Ortega announced his country’s exit from the American body.

The process of withdrawing from the OAS takes two years from the time it is requested.

In his statement, Macfields said that days before Nicaragua announced his departure from the organization, he held a meeting with the State Department and a team of presidential advisers in which he asked them to consider “the release of at least 20 elderly political prisoners and 20 other common criminals.” whose health deserves special attention.”

Macfields is a former journalist who has worked as a diplomat in Washington since 2011. He took ownership of representation before the Organization of American States shortly after the organization’s permanent assembly called on Ortega to release imprisoned political leaders.

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