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Italia – Platform Netflix He continues on his way growth that distinguished the past few years between Subscriptions shared, Movie exclusive f TV series Dazzling with the aim of exciting the millions of users around the world who have decided to become Supporters Believers in the American company engaged in broadcasting and distributing content over the Internet.

among many ads which has dominated over the years, Netflix has announced a new feature called “Profile transferable to allow users Transfer profile From people who use their accounts allowing them to do so Keep the suggestions personalwatch history, my playlist, saved games and other settings to start playing a file New subscription.

The Profile Transfer feature guides the new user through the process Create a new account Netflix Starting from an existing profile, and finding a I walk easier I’m just saying.

Why did the platform include this new idea?We take care of our users Who share an account with a roommate, partner, or even their family, thus splitting the monthly Netflix subscription expenses. People move, families grow and Relationships endNetflix writes in the ad but thanks to the new feature account holder No longer have to delete other profiles And those who are “excluded” are not forced to create a new account.

whatever happens, Your profile remains a constant factor You can relax and continue watching your favorite contentNetflix concludes.

The new feature is in line with Netflix’s efforts to make sure it practices Only one account share between several people or even sharing practice The password To access an account that expires soon. Suppression of this practice is one of Objectives The core of the company because it strongly affects Number of subscribers And thus on Netflix earnings.

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ChileAnd the Costa Rica And the Peru They can be defined as “guinea pig countries” which Profile transfer I was tested Starting in March. This process is gradually extending to all countries that “n redIt exists. Users will receive a file Email notification there is only Profile transfer function It will be available in your account.

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