New Zealand beats Australia and Denmark in Plymouth – Polideportivo

Sports to Write, July 31 (EFE). – New Zealand concluded their impressive performance yesterday by adding fifth and first in the two qualifying rounds today and beating Australia and Denmark in the final round for the title, imposed at the British Grand Prix, the third round of the Sail GP World Circuit, which was held in the waters of Plymouth (UK).

This Saturday was not easy for the contenders. The overcast sky caused winds of west-southwest starting at 9 knots (16 km/h) not rising above 11 knots (20 km/h) and being very windy.

After their disappointing performance yesterday, Team Great Britain, led by Sir Ben Ainsley, went out in the first race and won the power. He also fought to the finish for second place, but a harsh penalty against Denmark put him fourth in it.

Denmark, with Nikolai Siehsted as leader, was the entertainer of the day by two seconds, making it the last three for the event title, ahead of Great Britain.

Australia, which continues to lead the 2022 circuit and is led by Tom Slingsby, suffered its first defeat in Plymouth, having won the previous two editions. He was very regular with two third parties, entering the final to three.

The only winner was New Zealand with America’s Cup team Peter Burling (skipper), Blair Talk (scissors wing), Andy Maloney (flight controller), Josh Jr., Marcus Hansen (mills) and merging world and Olympic champion Joe Alleh. As a tactician. His tally of two wins and two seconds was fifth in the five contested races.

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And in the last third round against Australia, in which she beat Denmark by 26 seconds and 1:07, he showed his impressive form and the competition for the World Tour 2022 title between Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand is open.

The highlight of the day was the regatta which was held before the start of the day. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has joined the Great Britain team as co-leader of a special ‘Commonwealth’ race.

The race pitted Great Britain against Team New Zealand, led by United Nations Ocean Ambassador Louis Poe, along with Peter Burling and Blair Tuck.

Great Britain imposed itself on the New Zealanders and Kate Middleton, an expert sailor, showed that she also knew how to steer an F50 (a 15.50-meter catamaran).

The next test, the fourth of the World Tour, will take place in Copenhagen on August 19-20.

Provisional general classification for the Great Britain Grand Prix Five races + the last three in dispute 1. 2- New Zealand Peter Berling (New Zealand) 10 points. Australia Tom Slingsby (Australia) 9.3. Denmark Nikolai Seihsted (DIN) 8.4. Great Britain Ben Ainslie (GBR) 7.5.1 France Quentin Delabier (France) 6.6. Canada Phil Robertson (New Zealand) 5.7. United States Jimmy Spiethl (AUS) 4.8. Switzerland Sebastian Schniter (SUI) 3.9. Spain Jordi Zammar (Spain) 2

General classification Sail GP Circuit 2022-23 Three races held 1. 2 – Australia Tom Slingsby (Australia) 29 points. Great Britain Ben Ainslie (GBR) 24.3.1 New Zealand Peter Burling (New Zealand) 22 … Canada Phil Robertson (New Zealand) 22.5. Denmark Nicolai Sehested (DIN) 20.6. France Quentin Delapierre (FRA) 15.7. United States Jimmy Spiethl (Australia) 13.8. Spain Jordi Piper (Spain) 8.9. Switzerland Sebastian Schniter (SUI) 7.

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