New sports trend from USA: ax throwing

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An ax thrown by Jim Parker, the master of the axe into the woodcutter. Whether it’s on a Tinder date or with the family: trend sport is very popular. © Annette Riddell / dpa

Ax throwing as a pastime, on a Tinder date or with the family: The sport of direction from abroad is also gaining ground in Europe. There are actually two locations in Berlin.

Berlin – Popular American sports ax throwing is also good for variety in dates of all kinds – and this is evident in Berlin. “We have a lot of Tinder dates,” said Miranda Vandenette, a lumberjack.

At the meeting point at Alexanderplatz, you can book an axe-throwing hour for 19 euros. The object of the game is to hit the center of the target with the ax and score points, similar to darts. The ax must be attached, which requires a little training. But you get it, because right after you book there is a safety brief and instructions on how to easily transfer axles of about 40 cm to the wooden disk.

Jim Baker
Jim Parker, Master Axe at Wood Cutter Berlin throws an axe. The recreational trend of throwing axes and wood chippers comes from the USA and Canada to Germany. © Annette Riddell / dpa

Spokeswoman Isabelle Albrecht said it was the most fun to play in a group. „Die Leute sind sehr neugierig, wenn sie uns hier von draußen sehen und sagen dann: “Werfen die da wirklich gerade mit Äxten?” Come. You can play from the age of twelve, up to four people stand on a disc and take turns.

The lumberjack is not the first place to throw an ax in Berlin: you can also play sports in Schöneweide. Sports is already a trend in the United States and Canada. There are actually several locations throughout Germany where you can artistically throw axes into wooden discs. dpa

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