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Vienna, 16 June 2022 (KAP) The first issue of a new liturgical journal “Ex Fonte – Journal of Ecumenical Studies in Liturgy” has been published. What sets it apart: It is an open access magazine, i.e. an online publication that is published under Available for free download. The magazine, founded by Austrian liturgical scholars, is ecumenical and considers itself “a platform for dialogue between liturgical history and liturgical theology,” according to the site.

In addition, the journal aims to promote an ecumenical dialogue between Eastern and Western traditions. One is also open to interfaith contributions: “Not every contribution must deal explicitly with ecumenical liturgical theology. However, the authors and contributions submitted adhere to an ecumenical position.”

The journal project is supported by the Editorial Advisory Board and an editorial team made up of young and emerging scholars. The “advisory board” includes the liturgical researcher in Vienna Professor Hans-Juergen Wollner and other ritual scholars from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, Italy and England. Editorial work is done by ritual scholars from Austria or around the Vienna Chair of Liturgical Studies under the direction of Professor Wollner. To ensure the scientific level, not only the prominent authors are considered, but a “double-blind peer review process” is used, according to the site.

Among the first articles in the new journal is a contribution from Yale Divinity School Liturgy Scholar Teresa Berger, which encourages a reorganization of the liturgy with the idea of ​​divine creation. The new Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East Mar Awa III. Royel, Insights into his church’s rituals based on a manuscript discovered in China, thus opening an ecumenical horizon. Beginning with an examination of the liturgical service in a monastic context, Stefan Geiger of the Athenian papal Saint Anselmo attempts to contribute to a new understanding of the ministry. An article by the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Ioan Sokka, has also been announced. (informations:

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