New Mexico fire spreads through Hispanic castle

Some of those forced to flee gathered in an old middle school dormitory. Others slept in their cars or went to the homes of relatives or friends; Some of those who had already left for Las Vegas had to leave because of the smoke in the sky over the city.

Diana Trujillo, 63, grew up in a three-room Adobe home with her seven siblings in Monte Abalanado, near Mora. He said the ancestral system survived the fire, but the double-width trailer in the house next door where he lived with his daughter and granddaughter burned to the ground.

Ms. Assistant Director of the Seniors Center. “It’s a loss,” Trujillo said. The beautiful mountain around us, all those trees are now charred. “

Paula Garcia left the Mora area of ​​about 800 residents, first for Las Vegas and then for Santa Fe. He said his 82-year-old father helped him pack his tools before escaping on his own as the fire approached their cramped community.

“This is where people call themselves firsts and sons” — relatives and cousins, said Mr. Garcia, 50. Some of his predecessors abandoned stocks in the area displaced elsewhere in northern New Mexico in the 1860s.

Ms. Garcia is the executive director of the Asequia of New Mexico, a non-profit organization. 700 or more acequias for the stateOr that the irrigation canals, he said, were the cause of his community’s “clean net” of perseverance.

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