New covid-19 cases drop by nearly 40% in a week in Chile

Chile coronavirus

Santiago de Chile, March 27 (EFE). – Chile recorded 6,480 new cases of COVID-19 this Sunday, which is almost 40% less than the same day the previous week and shows the country is letting go of the sudden spike caused by the omicron variable.

The Ministry of Health explained that “the variance of new confirmed cases at the national level is -39% and -45% for a comparison of seven and 14 days, respectively.”

The national positivity rate was 7.8%, one of the lowest for the year, and the regions with the highest positivity in the past week were the southern regions of O’Higgins, Biobío, Araucanía and Ñuble.

With 6,480 new infections, the total balance reaches 3.4 million injuries and 56,381 deaths, after 83 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours.

A few weeks ago, the new government announced a change in the number of deaths to start counting “suspicious” deaths from COVID-19 that had not confirmed a positive PCR and added another 10,000 deaths.

Chile left behind the peak caused by the omicron variant, which raised the number of infections in February to unprecedented numbers in the epidemic, approaching 40,000 infected per day.

Patients in intensive care units have also begun to decline, going from a thousand to less than 700 in the past few days, and most of them do not have their full vaccination schedule.

Chile, which has carried out one of the most successful vaccinations in the world, is one of the countries with the most restrictions to stop the spread of the virus, with a mandatory mask at home and abroad, a vaccination card for access to certain places and activities and strict protocols for foreign tourists.

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