New Coordinator and Instructor in the Pastoral District of Bad Bruckinau

Social educator Ralph Sauer (44), coordinator of youth education work at the Youth Education Center in Volkersburg, will move to the pastoral district of Bad Procino on July 1, 2022 as a teacher and coordinator with a part-time job.

The following information is from a press release issued by the Diocese of Würzburg. The parish area of ​​Bad Brückenau consists of the parish communities of Oberer Sinngrund Wildflicken, Oberleichtsbach-Schondra and St. Georg – Maria Ehrenberg Bad Brückenau. Here, Sawyer, as coordinator, will structure and coordinate the work of the pastoral team with the mediator, Reverend Armin Haas (Shondra).

Listen to people’s concerns

His other duties include mentoring in the social space, committee support, public relations, fundraising and outreach. According to Haas, parish chambers were established to ensure vivid pastoral care in local communities even under currently changing conditions. The Church will have a future only where it is involved in the interests and needs of people and where its actions are increasingly oriented towards the realities of people’s lives.

He is delighted that Ralph Sauer is the first social worker to work on the Bad Brukenau Pastoral Team. Sauer has been working in the Diocese of Würzburg for more than 20 years. Ralph Sauer will remain part-time as the Youth Education Business Coordinator at the Youth Education Center in Volkersburg. This mission is part of the ecclesiastical youth work (kja) of the Diocese of Würzburg.

Communication as a great opportunity

Ralph Sauer says he gladly accepts the challenges of the new position set up in the pastoral district of Bad Prokino. Concrete personal display, reinforcement of voluntary commitments, and strengthening of existing churches’ positions are all important to him. Sauer sees a great opportunity in the connection between the church and existing social offerings.

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Ralph Sauer comes from Würzburg, where he studied social work with an emphasis on social management. Some other stops: From 2000 to 2005 he was the Archdiocese of the German Catholic Youth Union (BDKJ) in the Diocese of Würzburg. In 2005, Sawyer moved to the Youth Training Center in Volkersburg as an Education Officer. From 2012 to 2022 he was Vice President of the Youth Education Center in Volkersburg. In his spare time, Sauer has been volunteering for 12 years as Vice-President of the Catholic Diocese of the Diocese of Würzburg, and as an ambassador for Rhön, accompanying guided walks of Rhön.

More changes

Until recently, the former coordinator of the pastoral officer Anya Mai and the Reverend Marius Dolny (Wildflecken) belonged to the coordinating group of the pastoral district of Bad Brückenau. She is now a mother for the third time and is on parental leave. For health reasons, Dolny will focus on his priestly duties in the parish community of Oberer Sinngrund Wildflicken. Pastoral Chancellor Bernard Hopf will be a new addition to the Coordination Group.

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