New concept of room and kitchen in Herberstein

Linz. Herberstein Restaurant & Bar in Linz is one of the most famous and oldest gastronomic establishments in the country. In their 20th year as operators, top restaurateurs Petra and Thomas Altendorfer are now revamping both the spatial conditions and the kitchen concept.

“Year after year we are pleased that our regular guests have remained loyal to us for so long and new ones are constantly arriving. For us, it is a sign that we are clearly doing a good job. However, it is time to loosen the screws here and there and make some changes. Innovations to be made To ensure that we can continue to extend the viability and success of the past two decades,” the two restaurants explained.

Adapts to the needs of the guests

The bar, which used to be regularly raided, is now more closely integrated into the restaurant business and the kitchen concept has also been adapted to the guests’ current wants and needs. It was implemented by the head chef Sascha Wordinger. The chef, who has received numerous awards and toks during his career, now also serves as the general manager of Herberstein and has a stake in the company.

“Even as a successful restaurant, you have to constantly evolve. If you stop, you will eventually fall by the wayside. People’s checkout behavior has changed permanently – not least because of the pandemic – and developments towards more mindful enjoyment, as evidenced by the ever-increasing percentage of vegetarians or Vegetarians should also be taken into account. But this does not mean that we will become a vegetarian restaurant. Steak lovers among our guests will continue to get their money’s worth. Thomas Altendorfer and Sascha Wurdinger explain the current modifications.

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They met on November 30th

Anyone who wants to see Herberstein’s revamped and new kitchen concept for themselves has the best chance of doing so on Wednesday, November 30, from 6:30 p.m. This evening there is a small but good get-together to celebrate the beginning of the twentieth year of existence.

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