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Orlinghausen. The shelves were cleaned and about 2,000 books were packed into boxes. In front of the door of the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus in Südstadt are trucks and trailers that are gradually filling up with reading shipments. Supplied by Karl-Heinz Bubel of the interest group (IG) Süd. Lots of work for volunteers, but also the prospect of a new room just a few meters in sight.

For 15 years, the book exchange has been located at the center of the evangelical community at the end of Albert Schweitzerstrasse. On Saturday, April 23, it will open for the first time in the media room of the new district center in the Südstadtschule, where the school library is also located. “The shelves there are equipped with wheels,” according to Stephanie Khurst about the portability that makes it possible for both the school and book exchange to use the space without much effort and are both separated from each other.

“There was neither reason nor need to leave Bonhoeffer’s house,” Wilfried Holzappfel and Vincenz Keuke assert, “but the city of Orlinghausen and the school administration of the new Südstadtschule invited us so warmly and kindly to move into the new rooms of the neighborhood meeting place that we decided to accept the invitation after careful consideration and mutual consultations. “

How did the idea for an exchange meeting come about?

The idea for a book exchange arose when Helga von der Eltz sorted her own books and took them with her to the exchange office at the factory. The interest was immediately so great that soon enough reading material could be brought in, exchanged, and checked out for free every Saturday. Nationwide, the stock exchange remains unique and is visited by book lovers from Oerlinghausen and nearby places. Some come every week, others come every now and then.

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“However, we are not a collection point for books,” Victoria Aveldt explains. “Focus on Exchange”. Boxes of books are simply left outside the door or mountains of books are handed over after families are liquidated – this was not the purpose of the exchange. It is also open at the new location in the center of the area on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 12 noon.

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