Neunkirchen council meets in the new day care room in the village community center

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to: Sylvia Wendt

Fred Lochtmann (left) is signed by Jochen Meyer with a handshake as a councilman. © S. Wendt

Neunkirchen – The mayor of Neunkirchen is very tall. But from the height of the kindergarten chair, Jochen Meyer becomes larger: the council meeting in the room prepared for the “emergency kindergarten group” in the village community center in Neunkirchen. Their name: “Discovery Group”.

About 30 citizens gathered to discover what would become the traditional use of the village community center in the center of the village. The corresponding item on the agenda, Mayer requested, was still for the board. After the general meeting, there was an opportunity to have detailed discussions about the strength of the keys, storage space issues and the requirements for using the toilet. On Tuesday evening there were some who had “another question”.

Counselor Kay Welker, liaison for the community center in the village, reported that users were very helpful and made way for the girls and boys from the kindergarten. Theatrical troupe “retreated” an hour, and the trampoline set half an hour forward. Jochen Meyer explained: “We are still behind the decision to create an emergency group here at DGH.” But there are also clear critics, because: There is a lot going on in the village community center of Neunkirchen and being actively used.

There were conditions associated with the new common use, which explains the new furniture, and bathroom equipment suitable for kindergarten, for example. The municipality of Neunkirchen has submitted an application to the joint municipality of Schwaforden for support with operating costs. And get a short-term commitment of €10,000 per year. Money that the community wants to transfer to the clubs and institutions that use the house. Theatrical ensemble, mixed choir, DPRK local clubs in Neunkirchen and Kantrop, youth fire brigade: each should receive 500 euros. Neuenkirchen TV, which the house uses every day, 1,000 euros. Restrictions affect individual users differently. The mayor thanks everyone involved, the board and management as well as Kay Welker, who “had plenty on his plate to coordinate the new occupancy plan.” Thanks also to the daycare team who are now working at the Village Community Centre. The “discovery group” has moved from the daycare center across the street to the new home: the sponsor, Evangelical-Lutheran Kita Association Neuenkirchen, has set up a regular group here since the end of August, setting up a maximum of 25 places to be served. Jochen Meyer explained that they were not fully occupied yet.

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However, there is a need – as it turned out during a residents’ question-and-answer session. The Municipal Council was clearly informed that when designing new building areas, the premises of kindergartens in the area should also be taken into account. Mayer announced that the municipality wanted to take care of additional building sites for interested private parties, but was also trying to offer commercial spaces. But nothing is ready to be said about either of them. Jochen Mayer expressed his delight at the large number of citizens who “lived the session”. Mayer began the meeting of the fully assembled and eleven-member municipal council with a memorial for Chancellor Volker Claassen, who died at the end of July at the age of 56 and has been a member of the council since 2016. He was replaced in the Neunkirchen municipal council, Fred Lochtmann of Eigenhausen, who signed Mayor Jochen Mayer shake hands with him.

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