Neuburg-Schrobenhausen: Where can seniors in the Neuburg region get advice

Home Help, Financial Support, or Official Matters – Seniors can call the county office with their questions, free of charge.

When it comes to the topic of care, citizens from the area (and beyond) have been notified by the care base staff for over ten years. Now there is another free counseling service for seniors.

The Senior Consultation Center at the Geriatrics Center Newburg is the point of contact for anyone with questions about aging. It comes down to how to live at home for as long as possible and what support is available. Or, as Birgit Beetle puts it: finding solutions so that seniors can handle their daily lives. The 35-year-old is new to the district office and has been hired specifically to provide senior advice. In addition, they also provide help when elderly people feel lonely and lonely or in difficult life situations and therefore need psycho-social care. Offers or voluntary opportunities to meet are also part of the counseling center reference.

There is a counseling center for the elderly in Neuburg at the Geriatrics Centre

Conversations can take place either in your four walls, in the community, or in the rooms of a geriatric center. In principle, it can be said that citizens can turn to the counseling center on everything related to the topic of life in old age. The staff can either help directly – or they can connect you with the appropriate specialized services.

Since the elderly themselves sometimes do not properly assess their situation or do not want to seek advice, department head Christian Kotz appeals to neighbors and mayors to also reach out if necessary.

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call: The older counseling center is located in the Geriatrics Center in Neuburg (ground floor next to the care base). Telephone 08431 / 57-543 or mail to [email protected]

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