Neu-Ulm County: Neu-Ulm county scammers once again stole more than 3,000 euros with a new scam

Two cases from the Neu-Ulm district were reported to the police again, the scammers succeeded: 3,000 euros were lost. The police warn again about the network.

scammers in space New Olm Hit again: on Wednesday, the perpetrators succeeded twice and stole more than 3,000 euros. The police Once again warns of a new scam, but in the meantime it has already been created.

Case 1: A 54-year-old woman received a message from her presumed son via a messaging app. The cell phone is broken, so he will have a new phone number. For an allegedly open payment, he would need approximately 1,900 euros. The 54-year-old believed the culprit and transferred the money. Then the scammer asked for more money. The woman was unsure and reached her real son via the known number. Then she reported the fraud to the police.

In the second case, a 61-year-old man fell victim to scammers. The alleged daughter applied through the same news service and wrote that she had two bills to pay. The 61-year-old, who already had a daughter, transferred nearly 1,300 euros to the offender in good faith. The woman should take a second open bill by transferring it to another account. The woman became suspicious and reported it to the police.

Just by chance, the 51-year-old from Neu-Ulm was not a victim

51 years old was lucky. He wrote her presumed son. Request to pay two bills for a mobile phone and a laptop. Once a 51-year-old woman wanted to send almost 1,500 euros, but the bank did not accept the payment. The woman did not accidentally make the second transfer of 700 euros in real time. After noticing the scam attempt, I contacted your bank, which was able to reverse the amount. The 51-year-old has not incurred any financial loss.

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The police want to prevent other people from becoming victims of such fraud. The offenders will use a scam that is becoming more and more common: the alleged son or daughter will write that they have a new phone number. Then they ask for money to pay the bills. The perpetrators insist that the funds are transferred in real time, so the transfer cannot be reversed.

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Police warn: Be careful – if:

  • You received a message from a phone number that you do not know,
  • The person in question claims to be close,
  • This so-called relative wants money from you and/or
  • No phone call or no voice message enabled.

According to the police, please note the following:

  • Do not pay money to strangers.
  • Do not write again.
  • Call a family member on a number you already know. (From A to Z)

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