Netflix unveils Mano, awaiting first trailer for TV series

Directed and produced by Tim Burton, the series will be presented next week at Geeked Week 2022.

next week , Geeks Week 2022 It would be the perfect place for Netflix Where the audience is updated on Wednesdayhighly anticipated TV series based on Addams family Directed by the Oscar nominee Tim Burton. Perhaps we will finally know the debut date, while it has been confirmed that it will be possible to watch the first trailer, or something similar. Meanwhile (the date is set specifically for Monday evening), a trailer was shared across social media shows for the first time but notthe famous and unusual character of the franchise.

The plot is cast on Wednesday

Written by the creators of Smallville in the hollow And the Miles MillarAnd the Wednesday is a drama film about coming of age that explores the years of Adams Wednesdays (played by Gina Ortega From You are) as a student at Nevermore Academy. The series follows a girl’s attempts to master her budding psychic abilities, to confront the brutal killing wave terrorizing the city, and to solve the strange mystery involving her parents – Gomez and Morticia (Luis Guzman And the Catherine Zeta-Jones) — 25 years ago, all while navigating her new complex relationships in Nevermore.

In the series, they also starred in veteran D . Game of thrones Gwendolyn Christie With the role of Nevermore Academy principal, Larissa Weams, who still has unfinished business with former classmate Morticia Adams; hamilton record Victor Dorobantu by hand; Isaac Ordonez by Pugsley Addams; And the George Borcia by Butler Lorch. added Hunter Doohan (Translator Tyler Galpin, son of the sheriff with whom Wednesday makes an unlikely friendship), Thora Birch (Tamara Novak), Percy Haynes White (Xavier Thorpe), Sunday joy (Bianca Barclay), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), Ricky Lindhome (Valerie Kinbot), Jimmy McShane (Donovan Galpin), Georgie Farmer (Ajax Petrobulus), Naomi Ogawa (Yoko Tanaka) H Musa Mustafa (Eugene Oettinger). Obviously, we kept the best for last: Christina RicciWho plays Wednesday on the big screen, he will also appear in the series in a mysterious role.

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