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In our Snowpiercer review, we describe an offer He was unable to live up to expectations In depicting the class struggle in a train packed with the last survivors on the frozen ground, especially in light of the feature film Bong Joo-ho, which is supposed to be a TNT show Introduction (Director parasite He is an executive producer and yes, Parasite will become an HBO series). The second round of episodes managed to surprise by igniting the embers of conflict and enriching the dynamics with Another train arrives led by Wilford who was always excellent Sean Penn.

We’re left with Melanie’s abandonment (a Jennifer Connelly a column cast with the late Boromir) by Wilford, but the woman had time to save her findings to the climate studies she was making about the existence of a hot zone in the frozen world snow holeCrossing the train in an eternal revolution around the planet, the modern Noah’s Ark with the last representatives of life on Earth are in constant conflict with each other. right Now, Snow Hole Machine 3 Unfortunately, he failed to develop the mode in a decent way, and engaged in reverse gear on almost all floors.


After the first few episodes, culminating in a reunion of the Layton Pirate Caravan (to understand where we left off, we recommend you retrieve our Snowpiercer 3X01 review, Snowpiercer 3X02 review, and Snowpiercer 3X03 review), we’ve seen again For the eternal struggle for power Between the character of Daveed Digs and Wilford.

The few months between the events of Season 2 and the events of Season 3 allow you to explore in a more decisive way some of the secondary characters in the show, notably Ruth, who has become the leader of the resistance awaiting Leighton’s return and perhaps his arc that satisfies the most in the narrative, although It eventually loses its intensity (even in Javi we see a shy but effective shocking detail). However, there is also room for new entries And we’re obviously referring to Asha, the woman Leighton met in the reactor, who was able to survive thanks to the heat from the nuclear waste. Among them are that some of the most interesting stories come from world-enveloping conflicts that were on the verge of permanently freezing and which are fortunately beyond the events of the train; and he It’s a real shame that we can’t go into this matter furtherFor it would truly be a cure-all to take a break from the redundant struggles of controlling the eternal locomotive.

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Moreover, Connelly’s absence is palpable (not for nothing there was a need to introduce her as a ghost presence in an episode dedicated to Alex, her daughter), while Wilford Sean Penn has petrified On being a theatrical villain with Machiavellian intent, when we’d like to go back to sympathize more with his character.

Visions of an uncertain future

If Asha is the driver of Leighton’s new mission, which through a decidedly unclear plan convinces everyone to head toward an unknown and likely hot destination based on improbable visions, then precisely the fate of the woman is to leave us at a loss, All of its nature appears merely as a narrative mechanism, without wanting to delve deeper into her story or make her a 3D character. LJ is also among those who shyly overlook a more decisive development, further detailing the bipolarity that has always marked her, but her fate in the season finale is inexplicable and hopefully the fourth round of episodes is able to better manage it all as the effects show. hasty mixing.

Visualization is exactly what hasty sometimes reckless In the liquidation of some minor characters who would have deserved a completely different fate (without going to extremes, we can safely talk about the final line-up of Becca), but perhaps the real problem lies in the exploitation of various disturbances in various ways that alter the balance of the train, has now reached the point of saturation, and the way Forward certainly not the filler loops that run through the mind of the protagonist in a coma.

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Fortunately, the end of the season takes care of diversifying the fate of the heroes, but It is not enough to raise those for Snowpiercer 3 From the chaos of dynamics between the characters, funny at times, the hope is precisely a greater openness to more diverse stories, which properly exploit a world building that can still be improved and which can lead to completely different shores.

Technically Snow Hole Machine 3 Maintains good standards of previous iterations, improves in some situations CGI has never been the flagship of the show, which always focus more on collections and fashion. Explanations remain volatile except for the usual suspects mentioned above, although a welcome development has been noted from the outset. The speech is always the same. snow hole It lives on a format bound by a world with definite rules that are now only scratched by the classic exception. Unfortunately, this represents a real opportunity for growth and expansion and not just an aberration that does not depend on us.

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