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What is popular at the moment Netflix In Italy and in the world? In this weekly special you will find all the answers to your questions. Although it starts from November 2021, Netflix has started publishing the actual ratings for the series As for the films on the platform, the ratings that you will find in this article indicate in advance the most successful titles of this week in Italy, the United States and the world. existing He conquers Italy and the world.

This weekend at the top of the ranking of the most-watched TV series on Netflix Italia We find the fifth season of the crownCreated by Peter Morgan, the series stars Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II this season. Resists in second place fourth season existing That despite debuting last week at number one in many countries where the streaming service is available, it collected 57,060,000 hours in the first three days: a good result but far from expectations. On Tuesday we will understand if the series will grow in ratings or not. The new season of warrior nunwhile dropping to fourth place inside man, The Twisted Crime with David Tennant and Stanley Tucci created by Stephen Moffat (during the early days of the exploit, watched for a total of 52,940,000 hours). Resists in fifth place Everything asks for salvation, series with Federico Cesari based on the award-winning novel by Daniele Mencarelli. still sixth The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story And Ryan Murphy’s other creature follows, observer. Eighth place for ancient end of the world, the social and cultural documentary starring Graham Hancock. they close From Scratch – The Power of Loveseries with Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea e Cabinet of curiosityan anthology series by Guillermo Del Toro that was watched in the second week with a total of 38,800,000 hours.

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Top 10 most watched TV series in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. The Crown (Netflix Original)
  2. Manifest 4 (Netflix Original)
  3. Warrior Nun (Netflix Original)
  4. Inside Man (Netflix Original)
  5. Everything Asks for Salvation (Netflix Original)
  6. The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix Original)
  7. The Watcher (Netflix Original)
  8. Ancient Apocalypse (Netflix Original)
  9. From Zero – The Power of Love (Netflix Original)
  10. Curiosity Cabinet (Netflix Original)

Top 10 movies watched in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. Falling For Christmas (Netflix Original)
  2. Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix Original)
  3. Vagant Bullet 2 (Netflix Original)
  4. Middle Ages
  5. Enola Holmes (Netflix Original)
  6. Nothing New on the Western Front (Netflix Original)
  7. The Good Nurse (Netflix Original)
  8. Those who want me dead
  9. after, after
  10. Shark – the first shark

Most Watched Weekend TV Series and Movies in the US:

# TV series Movie
1 the crown Falling in Christmas
2 love is blind the wicked
3 existing Enola Holmes 2
4 ancient end of the world Missing Bullet 2
5 warrior nun O Enfermeiro da Noite: Charlie Cullen
6 from scratch Hotel Transylvania 2
7 The great british bakes Minions and more 2
8 observer mile 22
9 killer sally Captain Phillips
10 inside man Enola Holmes

Here are the top 10 most popular movies all over the world On Netflix on November 13, 2022:

Here are the top 10 most popular TV series all over the world On Netflix on November 13, 2022:

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