Netflix salutes the animation of the past

Netflix just released the first season of The Cuphead Show, a 12-episode animated series based on the popular 2D video game that Tribute to the best animation from the past. So let’s get acquainted with the main references used by creators.

almost all The Cuphead Show heroes wear gloves And this is definitely one of the old school icons of animation, just think of the likes of Mickey and Bugs Bunny. In episode 6 thereafter, the dancing skeletons immediately catch the eye, which is nothing more than a ghostly homage to “The Skeleton Dance,” a popular Silly Symphony animated short film produced by Walt Disney in 1929. There are many general references to the House of Mickey Mouse, since the first episode when the face of Mickey Mouse appeared here and there. After that, his typical outfits (gloves, red pants and black shirt) appeared in Cuphead’s closet.

In episodes 1 and 5 afterwards, one of the characters in the background is a black and white cat, very similar to Felix. Even seeing it for only a few moments, the resemblance is clear enough for anyone familiar with this popular 1920s cartoon.

The Cuphead Show marks a return to movies Before it was Hollywood, to “classic” cartoons that often use internal titles to announce the show and the title of each episode. A common example of this style is Looney Tunes. In addition, the Netflix series also frequently refers to Art Deco and retro design From the first era of animation also using certain writing characters, descriptions and various ornaments of various kinds.

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Cupheah will be back soon with Season 2 and we’re sure that even in the new episodes we’ll find many references to the past. What do you think that?

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