Netflix releases a new poster for the series created by the creators of DARK!

We recently saw the first trailer for 1899, a new series on Netflix created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, known as the masterminds behind the awesome show DARK. Currently The broadcaster posts a beautiful sticker on his Twitter profile.

“What we do know is just a drop in the ocean. From the creators of DARK comes 1899, their next apocalyptic mystery,” Netflix wrote in the caption accompanying the video. The poster is actually somewhat “animated,” and It is published as a clip where we see the water flowing and hear sounds and music in the background. A presentation that makes what is already a completely different product from DARK even more awesome.

The series will tell about a group of immigrants, and will follow them as they board a ship to cross the Atlantic, from London to the New World. Those who inhabit this ship are of European descent and share hope and dreams for the new century and their future in a new place. However, theThings will change when he discovers that there is another ship at sea. What they will find here, in fact, will give a touch of horror to the story.

And you, Curious to see this new show? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, then 1899 will come out!

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