Netflix – New Project ‘Gamera: Rebirth’ Announced

Netflix has announced a new project, Gamera: Rebirth, the first movie starring the 2006 classic Japanese monster.

The existence of the new project Gamera: Rebirth, which hasn’t been confirmed as a series, special, or movie, surprised fans when it was suddenly announced, but the new poster art and even a short teaser video from Netflix have already got fans excited. It should be noted that director Shusuke Kaneko, the former director of the Gamera trilogy in the 1990s, has given his full support to the project (and had previously proposed an idea for a reboot!).

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“When the idea for Reiwa Gamera came to me and I made a pitch, KADOKAWA was already working on a new project,” said Kaneko. “From my point of view, I’m like a baseball commentator who has experience managing a Gamera team, I’d like to support the team until they win the championship.” All three Shusuke Kaneko films were incredibly well received at the time of their release and have become Gamera favorites in the years since. It’s unclear if the director will be involved in any way with the new project, but showing his support for Gamera’s return is a big deal for fans of the franchise.

It was first introduced to the public in 1965 with Gamera, the giant monster, a giant fire-breathing tortoise, equipped with rocket-like legs, a friend to the universe and a friend to all children. The character became a staple of the Japanese kaiju movie subgenre and was pretty much the only giant monster that even came close to rivaling Toho’s Godzilla. Gamera would appear in seven series throughout the 1960s and 1970s, introducing its own crew of kaiju villains and alien races just like its atomic counterpart. For many American moviegoers, Gamera’s only exposure was when the film was used in several episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 1990s.

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Shusuke Kaneko’s reboot of Gamera with the 1995 film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, followed by two sequels, would return the character to the scene in a more significant way than many of the ’70s sequels. The success of these films even paved the way for Toho to be hired in the movie Godzilla (2001’s Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, a radical reinvention of the kaiju series). Gamera The Brave was the last movie in the Gamera franchise in 2006 and has been dormant ever since, even today.


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