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There is nothing more comical than real life. One of those experiences, so paradoxical and sadly absurd, is that she turns her into art and makes others laugh at her. It is more than that for stand up comediansActors addressing their audience directly in small clubs, chanting monologues or cracking dry and provocative jokes about political, social or often relationships issues. Elisa Schlesinger (cut for womanAnd the Opening Law), a New Yorker who grew up in Dallas, class ’83, is one of those stinging, disrespectful and cynical actresses who has made and continues to make a fortune in the entertaining genre, willing to demystify herself behind a microphone, finding recognition I spread the ability to Not to be taken seriously, neither she nor life itself. as it happens in It looked perfect… however.

It looked perfect… however: a true story based somewhat on a lie

It looked perfect instead

It looked perfect… howevernew movie Netflix Directed by the actress radiate e atypical Kimmy Gatewood has been making her special appearance and has been around ever since June 23, Make “Infernal relationshipLived years ago by Shlesinger was an excuse to tell a “mostly true story based on a lie,” or a seemingly perfect love story that ultimately turned out to be disappointing, like a huge lie.

Andrea Singer, a 34-year-old comedian, disappointed in love and light years away from the idea of ​​orange blossoms, meets the sweet and adorable Dennis (Ryan Hansen), an “arrogant and humble at the same time” accountant, a functional alcoholic, polite and intellectually attractive, at least Until it’s time to undress. As for his body, in fact, Andrea does not feel any physical attraction, on the contrary she is convinced that the bond can stop only at friendship. However, thanks to a night of bustle and a few other lives, the two began a seemingly real relationship. However, Dennis doesn’t own a home, his credit cards are regularly denied, and apparently never studied at Yale as he boasted, let alone a dying mother who never revealed herself. With the complicity of best friend and bartender Margot (Margaret Chu), Andrea would try to understand who the man next to her really was, and irreparably took a beautiful door in his face.

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Elisa Schlesinger writes, acts, and produces a hilarious, disrespectful, and fortunately non-rhetorical Roman com story.

It looked perfect instead

Borrow Dictations rom com The modern, comical possibilities of comedy Mis-understanding and short circuit between Fantasy and lived realityShlesinger works, writes, and produces a playful, rhythmic and unique film, shrouded in a remarkable aura of originality, and built on sophisticated language without the need for repetition or force study. It looked perfect… however In fact, he always manages to redirect attention to the protagonist on his own Privacy Demystifying the world of soap operas in which he is trying to achieve his acting ambition; In the irresistibly incorrect political context of the way we act and think, and in projecting the illusions of the masks we regularly wear every day to look better and thus different from who we really are.

A timeless story, but to be framed

It looked perfect instead

However, the film does not wish to consider the distorted use of social media, or the dysfunctional dynamics of modern relationships; The rather merit seems to be a nearly timeless movie, whereAmbiguity and discomfort that at a certain stage love (?) merges the two, it can also be concerned with the past simply, because no one at least once in his life has begun to doubt, to ask questions, or to desire to reveal apparent perfection, and then revealed himself as a fraud . Andrea’s real feeling about Dennis (and vice versa) at first, aided by Schlesinger’s clever use of voiceover, really feels like something tangible, natural, and awkward at the same time. But then the tones start to get darker, and while we’re still laughing, we almost enter the mind of an annoying character, because it sounds so natural.

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The winner is intuition and feminine gaze, disappointed enough, but victorious in the desire for union, exposing the face of a crook on a huge billboard in Beverly Hills, thus warning others of Artificial perfection for error.

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