Netflix is ​​negotiating to acquire “The Queen of Chess” – Tv

In recent days, Netflix has invested in a lawsuit for its series “Inventing Anna,” and is now negotiating a “sexism” slip by its book, The Queen of Chess. Lawyers for former Soviet champion Nonna Gabrindashvili have withdrawn the complaint against the streaming giant who spread the “devastating falsehood” that Georgian Nona has not fought male chess players over the course of her long career. The offending sentence came at the end of the final episode when the American champ, Beth Harmon, defeated a male competitor in Moscow, explaining to an announcer that the opponent underestimated her because she was a woman. The deal, whose monetary amount has not been disclosed, comes one year after a defamation suit brought by 81-year-old Gabrindashvili who had sought $5 million in damages. In fact, the first woman to win the Grand Master title collided with male competitors: at least sixty until 1968, the year the series aired, and once even shortly before the offending episode aired. The Georgian chessboard legend has defeated at least three world champions: Grandmasters Mikhail Tal, Boris Spassky and Viswanathan Anand. “We are glad to have resolved the matter,” said Alexander Rufus Isaacs, the hero’s representative.
In the end, even Netflix, whose lawyers in court have invoked the First Amendment “to protect artistic freedom to present the phrase in a series of novels in which, among other things, issues of public interest, including challenges faced by women, have been addressed, in the The 1960s, when they had to compete in the elite world of male-dominated chess players.” Based on the 1983 novel by Walter Teves and starring Anya Taylor-Joy, “Chess Queen” has become Netflix’s most successful limited series: It has won two Golden Globes, 11 Emmy Awards and may soon be made into a musical. Deal gets hot potatoes out of streaming giant’s lawyer’s hands: Netflix has been denounced in recent days by Rachel Williams, a ‘Vanity Fair’ reporter who was disgraced for describing her character on the scam series Anna Sorokin ‘Inventing’ Anna

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