Netflix is ​​developing a big triple action game for PC on Unreal Engine –

Netflix He continues his path in the field of video game development, with the in-house studio he works on Great triple game for PCjudging by what appeared job advertisements, from which other details such as the technology base of Unreal drive And the fact that it looks like an action RPG.

Netflix Games Studio employs various elements to complement its workforce, under the leadership of Mike Verdue, who was recently appointed Vice President of the company’s Games Division.

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At the helm of the team, in an operational role, is Chacko Sonny, formerly at Blizzard as Executive Producer of Overwatch.

The job advertisements cover many exposed roles such as Game Director, Technical Director, Technical Director, Live Service Analyst and Lead Engineer. In these advertisements, the game is described as a “brand new 3D PC game” and built on the Unreal Engine, classified in some cases as Third-person action RPG. Since there is also talk of a live service analyst, one would think that there might be live service items inside.

It appears to be a large-scale project, which could open up to possible transmedia derivations with TV series or movies, as befits a company specializing in these areas such as Netflix. However, we still don’t know what it is and we are waiting for an official announcement about it.

We know that the company intends to expand further in the field of video game production, which is why it has also acquired various teams such as Spry Fox and Night School Studio, which is responsible for Oxenfree. As for the distribution of games, we remind you that Immortality has been available in a mobile version for Netflix subscribers for a few days.

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