Netflix is ​​creating a division that deals only with games

Netflix is ​​working on a video game development division that will deal exclusively with games and will be offered without the form of in-app purchases.

Headquarters in Helsinki (Finland) and location Engadget Reports Marko Lastikka (formerly Zynga and EA) has been called in to direct the studio. Helsinki is perfect because it is home to some of those considered some of the best talent today, including developer The Walking Dead Next Games, a company that Netflix bought in March.

The American company engaged in the distribution of films, TV series and other paid entertainment content on the Internet, has bought several software houses, including developers Boss Fight and Oxenfree, but so far it has never decided to work from scratch on new titles.

The first fruits of this decision will not appear immediately but will take a few years. But recent strategies and acquisitions are an indication of how the company aims to differentiate its offering.

In August, Netflix announced an alert! An exclusive version of the beloved game for mobile devices (iOS and Android) with decks inspired by the world of Netflix; . In association with Ellen Digital Ventures, Heads Up! It gives users the chance to challenge themselves with 28 decks inspired by popular series like Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Squid Game, popular social channels like GEEKED or Strong Black Leade and a host of entertainment categories.

In November, subscriptions with advertising are also expected in Europe, which are offered at lower costs than traditional ones. The initiative should initially include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, and then other countries. Plans at discounted rates but with advertising you will arrive before Disney + Basica new type of ad-supported subscription offered by The Walt Disney Company, with prices starting in the US at $7.99 per month (what is currently needed to access the entire catalog without ads but the cost of a traditional subscription will go up to $10.99 per month).

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