Netflix is ​​about to debut in a live stream

Following the example of Apple TV that surfaced a month ago with its once-a-week baseball game, Netflix is ​​preparing to explore the beauty of live streaming: The streaming giant, the entertainment news site Deadline, has learned, is studying mechanisms to deliver unwritten reality shows and special “live” comedy shows to its millions of subscribers . The project, after years of building subscriptions based on on-demand programming, will allow Netflix to get audiences to vote live for competitions and talent competitions like Next Dance. 100- dancing by Studio Lambert. It can also serve as a platform for the festival Netflix jokea live event that brought about 300 comedians like Dave Chappelle, Larry David, Chris Rock and Pete Davidson to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

The initial idea was to broadcast 12 exclusively filmed shows (viewers were prohibited from using their mobile phones), but in the future one could consider live broadcasts, albeit with a delay of a few seconds in the event of a “risk” of a show inviting watchers to Pause the video. Other options still in an early stage of development include the reunion of live shows like reality TV sunset sale which just aired a special “Homecoming” from the cast for its fifth season. Live broadcast also provides the ability to request an unscripted string in line with what networks do, such as Abc con American Idol And Dancing with the Stars Now on Disney+.

Deadline, to announce plans, questioned whether and when live broadcasting could be applied to the sport, in the wake of the recent success of the Formula 1 series. drive to survive. The site rules out that this is in the cards, at least for the time being. And in another Netflix development, platform leaders updated the company’s cultural guidelines by adding a section on “artistic expression” that states that “viewers decide what’s right for them.” A message to the staff, who recently protested against shows like the LGBT content of comedian Chappelle: “Depending on the role, you may find yourself working on titles you find harmful. But if you find it difficult to support a catalog as large as ours, Netflix may not be the best place. For you “.

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