Netflix has a secret section, you need this link to access it

Netflix has a secret section inside its huge library, which is a pretty cool part. Here’s how to access it.

With the global epidemic due to COVID-19 And the consequences of that full closure that in alternating phases there have been around the world, millions who in recent years have opened, maintained and renewed their subscription to at least one of the the wound present at this historical moment. Here’s what the platforms look like Amazon Prime VideoAnd the kilo Obviously Netflix They have had sharp success, helping people to have similar days.

Netflix has a secret section, you need this link to access it

The same phenomenon is found in the world the games, with a net increase in the number of players who have seen a significant increase in particular due to the global pandemic. This has also accelerated the hybridization that we increasingly see between TV series, movies and video games. From this point of view, Netflix continues to produce interesting titles and series that conquer millions and millions of fans. in this meaning We highly recommend a new movie in the April 2022 catalog. But there is still another novelty about the platform: a secret area that can only be accessed via this link.

Netflix has a secret section that can only be accessed through a link

As you know, Netflix continues to add interesting content and products that can interest a wide audience of viewers. Through the study of the subscriber, the products are gradually classified and re-introduced according to new criteria. And here we find, sailing, Non-binding film“, Strong heroes“,”Unconventional movies“.

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Netflix short films ass

Well, there is a section of Netflix that, as the name suggests, is perfect for all those who do not have much time and want to enjoy a movie or Product lasts no more than 90 minutes. A way to not start something you can’t finish, due to work or sleep commitments or just because you’re bored. For now, the section is defined, which still bears the English name but may soon be introduced in other languages.”short ass movies‘, or bloody short films. Movies that shouldn’t take me more than an hour and a half. To achieve this Secret section of Netflix, you must click here.

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