Netflix: Film Tops Top Ten, Director: ‘Confused Like You’

in the top 10 of Netflix As with other streaming services, whenever a statistical anomaly is created between critical reviews and the public interest. This latest anomaly has caused Film Smash to emerge in particular as the first in the rankings. And the director can hardly believe it: that’s what.

The offending movie Interceptorrecently on the catalog of the streaming giant he’s starring in Elsa Pataky Ex-translator of Elena Neves’ character in Epic The Fast and the Furious. On closer examination, in fact, the female action gets the negative record of unfavorable reviews from the audience, resulting in an imbalance in Rotten Tomatoes that usually occurs in reverse parts: 43% of positive reviews are from criticism and 20% of the audience. However, this audience sees the movie well, considering that the movie in no time climbed to the top of the Netflix cinema region’s top 10 charts.

Even Chris Hemsworth’s cameo in The Interceptor, Pataki’s real-life husband and producer of the film, didn’t fail to please fans, who said they were deeply disappointed with the Netflix title that a relatively big promotion campaign had anticipated. We didn’t like it either: Find our Interceptor review here. Wherever he turned, in short, the exit Matthew Riley He only found disappointing reviews. Maybe that’s why, per Variety’s request for comment after the ratings went up, Reilly might have used unexpected, decidedly self-deprecating words.

And this is what he told the well-known foreign newspaper:blew me away. I was hoping to sneak into Top 10 Netflix, but to get to number one, almost across the board by the way? I don’t think anyone expected that it would take the world by storm. honesty I’m as confused as anyone elseHave you seen the movie and contributed to this unexpected record? Did you enjoy it? Tell us in the comments!

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