Netflix changes everything: the long-awaited news arrives and nothing will be the same again for users

The long-awaited announcement has finally arrived. One of the longest-discussed news on the front of Netflix is ​​about to roll out globally. Here’s what you need to know about it

If still today Netflix It is the number one video streaming platform in the world, and a lot of it is due to the continuous work that the developer team does to make the site and app always functional and full of news. Without forgetting of course indexConstantly updated with both original products and great classics.

Several news coming on the front of Netflix. The company announced the launch of the new Spatial Audio system (Adobe Stock)

Among the many upcoming innovations, there is one related to Content quality. Yesterday, in fact, a collaboration with Sennheiser was announced to start runningspatial sound. At least initially only for some products, while ensuring a completely new and more engaging experience.

Netflix announces spatial audio, and here’s how it works

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In cooperation with Sennheiser, the technology will initially only be available for select titles. But a large-scale release is expected in the coming months (Adobe Stock)

After targeting improve video quality using Netflix Calibration ModeNow it’s the voice’s turn. Thanks to the collaboration with Sennheiser, spatial sound reaches the platform. The technology is called Ambeo 2-channel Makani sound, with Netflix being the first ever platform they can use. As expected, only some titles will have the opportunity to exploit the technology in question: Stranger Things 4, Project Adam, Red Notice, The Witcher and Resident Evil.

According to the two companies, it will be possible to exploit spatial sound with any device set up for stereo listening. and therefore a lot Television How many systems Stereo, headphones, tablets, smartphones and computers. To activate the feature right away, you will likely need to select Stereo Stream directly from the Audio menu. “Netflix viewers using stereo will automatically receive an enhanced and improved experience, without having to make any changes.clearer Sennheiser. Ambeo’s job will be to mix the audio in the two channels, with the view to be inserted into a file Standard Coding Pipeline Without much difficulty.

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