Netflix announces the green light for production of the third season of Vikings: Valhalla

Consider how much they like it Vikingswho has gained a very devoted fan base throughout her years Six seasonsAnd it was no surprise when Netflix announced the spin-off Vikings: Valhallawhich literally drove the fans crazy.

The show arrived on Netflix as part of 2022 TV schedule And soon became the series A favorite of historical fans. The drama delivered a lot of excitement during its eight episodes and the first season finale Vikings: Valhalla It showed viewers a number of Really surprising fluctuations.

This begs the question: What will happen next?

Vikings: Valhalla Season Two Is it already in production?

Netflix Advertise inbeginning of Marcha few days after the premiere of the first season, that HaraldAnd the FreddiesAnd the fiberThe Queen Emma And the rest of the conspiracies that fight against the Valhalla gang belong to another series of episodes, season 3. The good news is constantly coming!

In its announcement, the company confirmed that The second series of episodes has already been filmed in 2021!

As you might expect, the little bad news is that the streaming giant won’t burn two seasons Vikings: Valhalla in a short time. They’ll keep us waiting a little longer, as it shouldn’t happen next season for the first time until 2023.

In the February subordinate 2022creator/writer/presenter of the series Jeep Stewart revealed to digital spy who was completing the editing process for the end of season two, adding that “He couldn’t wait to take it outSo, at least, it looks like Season 2 will be more than complete in time for one Premiere in 2023.

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